Required Boarding Arrangements for Pilots

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Amendments to the Required Boarding Arrangements for Pilots (revised poster)

The IMO’s Maritime Safety Committee, at its eighty-eighth session (MSC 88), (24/11 -3/12 2010), approved amendments to SOLAS Chapter V, Regulation 23 which, inter alia, includes amendments to the Required Boarding Arrangements for Pilots (Resolution MSC.308(88)).The existing Required Boarding Arrangements for Pilot poster will, therefore, become incorrect once the provisions of MSC.308(88) enter into force. This will happen on 1 July 2012.IMPA has prepared a revised poster which reflects the latest changes. The IMO’s Sub-committee on Safety of Navigation (NAV) has endorsed IMPA’s submission which will be forwarded to MSC for approval. 

Significant points contained in revised Regulation 23 of SOLAS Chapter V include:- The appliances shall be kept clean, properly maintained and stowed, and shall be regularly inspected to ensure that they are safe to use.
- A pilot ladder shall be certified by the manufacturer as complying with this regulation, or with an international standard acceptable to the Organization. Ladders shall be inspected in accordance with regulation I/6, 7 & 8.

- All pilot ladders used for pilot transfers shall be clearly identified with tags or other permanent marking so as to enable identification of each appliance for the purposes of survey, inspection and record keeping. A record shall be kept on the ship as to the date the identified ladder is placed into service and any repairs effected.

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